Welcome to the world of systematic Cloning of competence in English!

Train Your Brain And Tune Your Mouth To Speak English Fluently

  • Arkevision is not just another teaching company.
  • We have evolved systems of installing English in learners.
  • We have created new benchmarks of excellence.
  • We have developed new approaches to the delivery of modules.
  • We have evolved multimedia aids that involve the learner.
  • Our success story has been consistently impressive.

English language acquisition program @Schools

  • For the first time, in the history of bilingualism 'Arkevision' presents “ Linguistic Cloning Techniques” with which to install a native like command of English.
  • Backed by 30 years of research in English-based bilingualism, linguistic cloning is now possible.
  • The distinction between mother tongue and second language is outdated. The process involved in the mastering of mother tongue can now be replicated.
  • Yes! It is now possible to CLONE mother tongue proficiency and install it in a second language learner. You can now acquire a native speaker's competence with relative ease.
  • Arkevision will create benchmarks of excellence in your School, by totally transforming the communication profile of your students and teachers.
  • This Academic Programme is the first of its kind in India intended to lead to a native speaker's command of English.

This is what your School needs:

  • Your school needs a customized learning module or syllabus.
  • Your teachers need training in techniques of improving their own English as well as of teaching Spoken English.
  • You need suitable guidelines on incorporating Spoken English in your curriculum.
  • You need a new strategy consisting of a new syllabus, a new set of techniques, a new pronunciation model and a comprehensive approach to the problem of low standard in English.
  • You need practical guidelines on how to persuade students to use more English inside the campus.
  • You need to enhance the fluency and accuracy levels of English spoken by teachers.

Revolutionary techniques to master Spoken English

  • No written work.
  • No grammatical explanation.
  • Non-formatted output is rejected.
  • Formatted bouncing is the chief technique.
  • Continues output by the students.
  • Dramatized surround talk. Templates and programmability of sentences.
  • Techniques of installation of a large corpus through vocalization.
  • Bouncing or instant recall of formatted corpus.
  • Response to cues or dialogue practice.
  • Rephrasing of sentences.
  • Error checking mechanism.
  • Fluency drill and speech flow practice.

Why ARKEVISION can make a difference to your School?

  • Products backed by over 30 years of research.
  • Focus on English as it is spoken globally.
  • Clever blending of technology with human expertise.
  • Your English improves from the very first lesson..
  • One hundred hours of listening will make your English error free and fluent.
  • Your diction improves dramatically after few lessons.
  • Your confidence level will go up.
  • Your mouth will get tuned to speak English.
  • Your students can totally overcome fear of grammar.
  • Your students can speak English with a global accent.
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Career Coaching:

  • Discover the 5 step process of career selection.
  • Discover your inborn talents and select the right career through 'Multiple Intelligence assessment test'.
  • Get admissions in reputed institutions in India & Abroad.
  • Smart skills & employability skills for college students and job seekers.
  • Personality enhancement.
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Study Skills:

  • Student empowerment program.
  • Speed reading skills.
  • Mind mapping.
  • Memory training.
  • Goal setting.
  • Removing negative beliefs.
  • Reprogramming your mind for success.
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